The Room Layout

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Room layout consists of the toolbar and the rooms.

Room layout 1 en.png

Room layout's tools are shown in the following picture Room layout tools.png

Room Layout Toolbar
1 Date Picker Allows you to jump to the date you want
2 Navigation Left arrows take you to past dates, Right arrows to future
3 Zoom You can zoom-in or zoom-out
4 Room Search Allows you to search a certain room
5 Hide/Unhide floors Allows you to hide a floor by clicking upon it. Unhides by clicking again

In the main room layout we see the date and the rooms that are colored differently depending the floor they belong.

As you can see in the pictures, each room's bubble provides us with certain information about the room. Below we have some examples.

  • When having an empty room

Room layout example 1.png

Room's info
1 Room's number
2 Room's type
3 Room's cleanliness
4 Add a reservation button
5 Current reservation details

When we have a reservation arriving it shows which reservation we're expecting (reservation number) and in how many days.

  • When we have a guest staying in this room.

Room layout example 2.png

Room's info
1 Room's number
2 Room's type
3 Room's cleanliness
4 Adults staying
5 Children staying
6 Reservation's number

By clicking once upon the reservation number it opens a bubble with some more information.

Room layout res bubble.png

Reservation bubble
1 Customer's name
2 Reservation Number
3 Agency
4 Dates of stay
5 Reservation Status
6 Adults Staying
7 Children Staying
8 Amount of money charged

In case, you want further information or to do any changes to the reservation, by double clicking upon the reservation number it pops up a reservation window.