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hoteliga is a multi-user system, allowing access to different users with different permissions to the system.

Apart from controlling and limiting access to various pages of the system, having different users also helps you track who did what and when. For example, you can have detailed information of when a user modified a reservation and what exactly.

hoteliga has two types of users:

  • Normal users, are the ones that access the system from a laptop/tablet/smartphone to carry out most of the work for the property.
  • Housekeeping users, are the ones that are in charge of cleaning and have basically access only to the housekeeping module.

Every hoteliga domain has at least one user, which is the administrator or "admin". This user has all the permissions possible in the system.

The Maximum Number of Users

Every hoteliga PMS plan has a certain number of allowed users. For example, in the Bronze plan, you can't have more users than the user "admin".

In the hoteliga web site, you can check how many users your selected hoteliga plan allows.

If you need more users than you are allowed, you can purchase them. Contact us for more information.

Adding a New User

In order to add a new user, go to Options⇒ Settings⇒ Users.

Click on New user.

Username: enter the name of the new user.

Enabled: select to enable this user.

New password: the user's password (the user can change the password later on from his profile)

Confirm new password: type the password again.

Permissions: select the sections of the system that this user will have access to. You can also select for which actions the user has permission, e.g. overriding the prices in a reservation.

Click OK to save.

Disabling a user

Go to Options=> Settings=> Users.

Click on the user you wish to disable.

Unclick "Enabled".

Click OK.