How to create offers for reservations made from your Booking Engine

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hoteliga gives you the chance to create discounts for reservations made from your Booking Engine or create unique Promo Codes to give to specific guests the chance to get special offers.

To do the set up of the offer please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create a Special Calendar

In this step, you will select the dates for the Special Price to be applied.

Go to 'Settings' > 'Pricing Policy' > 'Special calendars' and click the 'New special calendar' button.


Bestep1.jpg Title: Give a title to the calendar (e.g. December 20% off ).

Bestep2.jpg Type: Choose Open/closed calendar.

Bestep3.jpg Tick the box for the 'Year based' setting if you have a year based price list or if you have a season-based price list with the 'year based' option activated.

Bestep4.jpg Save

Then you can move to the 'Calendar' tab to set the dates of stay that you want the special rate to apply (customer's stay).

For the special rate to be valid, color a date with green (open) while with red all the dates your special rate will not be valid (closed).


Bestep1.jpg Select either 'Open' or 'Closed' to apply the rate accordingly.

Bestep2.jpg Left click with your mouse (point with your finger if you are using a smartphone or a tablet) to color the dates accordingly.

Bestep3.jpg Don't forget to press Save

To color a longer period, left click and hold while moving over the dates or use the 'Tool 1' or 'Tool 2' buttons on the right up side.


Click Save to complete this step.

Step 2: Special prices

Under the same menu ('Settings' -> 'Pricing Policy') go to 'Special prices' -> and click on the 'New special price' button.


Bestep1.jpg Title: Give your 'Special Price' a title.

Bestep2.jpg Type: Choose discount.

Bestep3.jpg Save.

Then go to the 'Accommodation' tab.



Bestep1.jpg Set the 'Discount' you want to apply either as an absolute value or as a percentage.

Bestep2.jpg Select the 'Room types' that this special price applies.

Bestep3.jpg Choose if you want to apply a stay restriction (eg. minimum 2 nights).

Bestep4.jpg Save

To apply the special price on 'Board', click on the 'Board' tab and follow the same steps written above.

Step 3: Price list

Under the same menu ('Settings' -> 'Pricing Policy') go to 'Price lists' -> and open the one you have in use.

Click on the tab 'Special prices'.



Bestep1.jpg Click on the button 'New special price'.

Bestep2.jpg Select the 'Special Price' you created in the previous step (e.g. December 20%off).

Bestep3.jpg The starting date that someone can make a reservation so to get the offer.

Bestep4.jpg The last date someone can make a reservation for the period that the special rate applies.

Bestep52.jpg Choose the Open/closed 'Special Calendar' you created at the Step 1.

Bestep6.jpg If you leave this empty the discount will be available to anyone wants to make a reservation in your Booking Engine. However if you want to give the discount to a specific group of people, then you need create a Promo Code and share it with them.

Bestep7.jpg Save

The Promo Code name is the letters/numbers the user needs to type at field Promo Code at the Booking Engine search in order to get the discount. (e.g. HAPPY DECEMBER)