How to activate the Facebook App

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Login to your Facebook page

Login your hoteliga account

Go to Options => Booking engine Click Add Facebook tab

Image (4).png

Click Add to Facebook page

Image (5).png

Select the page you want to add the tab to.

Click the button Add Page Tab

Image (6).png

Go inside your Facebook Page at Settings => Templates and Tabs

Image (7).png

You ll find a tab calLed hoteliga booking engine

Click on Settings

Image (8).png

Click Edit settings

Image (9).png

You can give any name to the tab, eg. "Book now", "Reservations" etc.

Click Save and OK

Image (10).png

On your Facebook page, at the Left you will see the new tab added.

Image (11).png

Click on the New "Book now" button

Type your domain name and Save.

Image (12).png