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It is important that you insert in hoteliga all guests details.

This will help you have a complete and organised database of your guests.

Moreover, having inserted all the data, relevant reports will be complete and could help you reach any relevant conclusions.

It's important here to mention, that in hoteliga Customer and Guest are not the same. The customer is the one that pays for the reservation, so the customer can also be an agency. If it is not that case and the customer also stays at the hotel, you need to add him to the Guests.

You can add or review a guest's details from the 'Reservation' window > 'Guests' tab. If the customer is also a guest you can easily add him to the guests by clicking the button Copy from customer.


You can also go to Options > Guests and by clicking 'Show Filter' you can search for a specific guest as shown below.

Use the filters to search for a customer by last name, first name, or nationality.

Click the 'Filter' button to start the search or click 'Reset' to reset the searching criteria.

Once you click on the guest, you would be able to see and edit all his personal details as well as his reservations.