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A contract in hoteliga corresponds to a real, physical contract that you have signed with a "classic" booking agency, meaning a booking agency that is not an OTA, but rather an agency that reserves a certain number or all of the rooms of a property for a season at pre-agreed prices.

A contract is connecting a booking agency and a price list for a certain period. In this way, you can have multiple contracts for the same booking agency, but for different period.

Note: You cannot have overlapping contracts unless they correspond to different channel connections.

Contract prerequisites

The prerequisites to create a new contract are:

A price list

You need to have a price list that will be connected to the new contract. If you don't have one, you can create a New price list.

A customer

You need to create a new customer in the name of the agency.

An agency

You need to have an agency. You can create one from Options > Settings > Booking agencies > New booking agency. Inside the form you fill in the form as shown below.
In section 2 if you are using channel management and this agency is an OTA, connect it with the corresponding channel, otherwise select "without channel".
In section 3 you find the customer you have created for this agency in the previous step. This way when this booking agency is being invoiced, all its invoicing information will be immediately filled. Apart from that, by connecting the booking agency to a customer, you can see all the agency's transactions under this customer.
In section 4 you select the type of the cooperation whether it is commission based or the agency pays for the reservation.
At the end, by activating price override, you basically allow the "admin" user to be able to modify the agreed price in the reservation window, otherwise the agreed price field will be disabled. For non-admin users, use the respective permission.

Nbookage.png Nbookage1.png

Create a new contract

Once all these are complete you go to Options > Settings > Booking agencies > Contracts and select New Contract.

There you fill in the required information. A Title, the Agency you have created in the previous step, a Channel(in case you have a Channel Manager and the contract is for a connection with a channel), the Validity (from - to), the Price list you would like to associate with the specific contract, the Room Types and you click Save.

Contractn.png Contractnbd.png

Notes: 1. If all room types are to be included in the contract, you don't have to choose them all; no selection includes all room types by default. 2. You don't need to create separate agencies for different price lists, just create multiple contracts for the same agency.


As indicated previously, by connecting the booking agency to a customer, you can see all the agency's transactions under this customer.



You can even insert a New transaction through here and eliminate the appearing balance.


You can always get detailed data and information for each agency by selecting one of the Booking Agencies reports: Options > Reports