The Benefits

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Automatic synchronization

Prices and availability are sent directly from our cloud hotel management system to the channels.

One entry point

Your rates are already in hoteliga, there is no need to type them again. Data are transmitted to channels via our reliable two-way connection.

Increase productivity

You don’t have to manage your prices and availability in two different places. The information is extracted from your hoteliga account and is replicated directly on-line in the channels platform, in other words, you manage everything from your hotel management system and everything gets automatically updated in channels.

Prevent risks, minimize overbooking

Availability is synchronized in real time. In this way you avoid overbooking and errors from manually entering availability. A smart mechanism determines how many rooms are available, depending on the general availability of your hotel and your room’s target sales for each channel.

Save time and avoid errors

New reservations, changes to existing reservations and cancelations come directly from channels to your hotel management system. You don’t need to type anything. You get a notification at the dashboard, you click on it and you just confirm the reservation and allocate a room.