Ow can I change the Cancelation Policy in a Channel?

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You can contact your channel account manager to change the cancellation policy.

Please note that the cancellation policy, special prices, photos and descriptions, price for breakfast in case not included in the price, price of extra person(sometime depending on the channel) etc. you can only change from booking.com extranet and not from hoteliga. For example you can set the cancellation policy in hoteliga if you wish, so when a cancellation comes from booking.com for example, it will match the cancellation fees calculated in hoteliga PMS. But setting the cancelation policy in hoteliga does not mean that it is sent to the channels, since these attributes are not supported via XML. So the cancelation policy needs to be set in each channels extranet. If you have them already set these in the channels you don't need to do anything. If you need to change or add anything from the above, then you can do this from inside the extra-net or you can contact your account manager or customer service for each channel.