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The Reservations Calendar is one of the most important parts of the PMS. It's a tool that helps have an overall view of the reservations in relation to time.

The calendar is responsive, meaning it will show you less information and capabilities on a mobile phone (due to screen limitations), while it will show you more information if you have a large screen. For example, on a Samsung S series phone, you will see around 7 days, while on a 1920x1080 pixels desktop screen you can see up to 2,5 months.

In the Reservations Calendar there is no right mouse click functionality, in order to provide a unified user experience among different devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop). For example, on a tablet there is no concept of "right click". The tools though behave differently in single and double clicks (on finger taps).

The Reservations Calendar consists of a toolbar and the main calendar.

Calendar parts en.png

The Toolbar

The toolbar has various buttons that are grouped together:

Calendar tools 1 en.png

The date picker provides the ability to move to a specific day in the past or the future, or just start from today. Read more about the date picker.

Reservation Calendar
1 Date Picker Allows you to jump to the date you want
2 Zoom You can zoom-in or zoom-out
3 Navigation Left arrows take you to past dates, Right arrows to future
4 Toolbar Those tools allow you to edit, move or add a reservation
5 Calendar options Directs you to make changes about calendar view
6 Help Provides help regarding calendar's functionality
7 Click and Hide By clicking on the room type or group you can hide them. To bring it back, just click again.
8 Hotel's rooms Can be organized by room type (default) or room group.
9 Dates Days and months are on the top row. Weekends are highlighted.
10 Reservations All reservations are inside the calendar in form of reservation bars

The Main Calendar

Calendar rooms icons v2.png

The Reservation Bar

Basic Information

Res bar calendar.png

Res bar popup en.png



By double clicking on a reservation it opens the reservation window and you can view all details about this reservation

The reservations are colored differently depending on the reservation status, payment or agency. From calendar options you can select what you want to see (status, payment or agency) and the colors that suit you.

Customizing the Reservations Calendar

By using the icon ... you can customize the reservation bars and other things. For more information go to "Customizing the Reservations Calendar".