Booking agency Setup

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Go to Settings and click Booking agencies.

Click the button New booking agency.

  1. Type the title or name of the booking agency (for example, TUI etc.).
  2. Select Enabled to enable the booking agency.
  3. Select Override prices if you want to be able to override prices within the reservation. To be able to Overide prices for a booking agency, you have to enable it here and also have this option enabled in user permissions.
  4. Click OK.

Disable a booking agency: Click on the booking agency that you want to disable. Uncheck 'Enabled'. Click OK.


To create a new contract, go to Settings and click Contracts.

Click on the button New contract.

Basic data:

  1. Title: Type the name of the agency.
  2. Agency: Select the agency from the list.
  3. Channel: This is used only with OTAs, such as after the connection has been completed.
  4. From: Starting date of the contract.
  5. To: End date of the contract.
  6. Price list: Choose the price list related to this contract

Rooms: At this tab you can set the sales target and the minimum contractual allotment per type of room and per period.

NOTICE: Sales targets are used in various reports regarding occupancy (occupancy per day, occupancy per booking agency etc.). Therefore it is important to set the sales target for each booking agency in order to get correct reports and be able to make correct decisions.