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myDATA, i.e. my Digital Accounting and Tax Application, is the name of the new electronic platform, with which A.A.D.E. introduces E-Books into the daily lives of businesses. Through it, the revenues and expenses transactions of companies and other entities that keep accounting records according to the Greek Accounting Standards (ΕΛΠ) are monitored and the accounting and tax result of companies is reflected, derived by the data of the E-Books. It concerns all companies that keep accounting records according to the "ΕΛΠ" and in accordance with the specific provisions of the law.


From October 1, 2021, income and expense receipts must be sent to the myDATA platform.

Based on the press release issued by the Ministry of Finance on 28/06/2021: "...Taking into account the effects of the pandemic on the operation of businesses, as well as the improvement of health conditions, it is determined the gradual, mandatory transmission of documents to the myDATA platform and the interconnection of tax mechanisms with AADE as follows:

1. Transfer of receipts to the myDATA platform

From 1.10.2021 they must send their income documents, which they issue from this date onwards:

• Businesses (natural and legal persons) with double-entry bookkeeping and a turnover of over € 50,000.

• Businesses (natural and legal persons) with single-entry bookkeeping and a turnover of over € 100,000.

From 1.11.2021, all other companies must submit their income documents. Revenue receipts issued or the ones that will be issued by companies up to the date of commencement of mandatory transmission, must be transmitted to the myDATA platform no later than 31.03.2022. It is noted that especially for 2021 the transmission obligation concerns only the income documents and not the accounting classifications of expenses.”

According to the text "Frequently Asked Questions - Answers myDATA * Business Issues" published here on 02.07.2021, "...the year 2020 is a year of education and 2021 is a year of tolerance for late and inaccurate transmissions. The primary goal of the project is to enable businesses to transmit through the five transmission channels. In any case for 2021 and until the submission of the Income Tax Return for the tax year 2021, companies have the obligation to transmit all their data accurately in relation to the data of their books and E3… "

ATTENTION: While in the first phase the invoices that will be issued will not be sent in real time, the transmission will be done in bulk per month, so the invoices issued from 1/1/2021 must be issued correctly and, above all, they must have series and no negative amounts, as required by A.A.D.E. (see below in "Configuring myDATA in hoteliga")

myDATA & hoteliga

hoteliga has implemented the additional functions required for the electronic sending of documents to myDATA through the API (interface) provided by A.A.D.E., but always to the extent that the PMS is involved in the pricing procedures of the accommodation business. As hoteliga PMS is only involved in revenue pricing (e.g. overnight stays), the accounting office that works with the accommodation business or the accounting department of the business should use another system to transmit the expense documents to myDATA.

New Features

After activating the special myDATA functionality in hoteliga, a series of fields and functions that were not previously seen appear in the system. These are:

  1. Creation of companies and branches for each company. The existence of the concept "Company" did not exist in the hoteliga until now, but it was deemed necessary, as the Tax Identification Number of the issuer of the document needs to be sent to myDATA.
  2. Mapping document types in hoteliga with myDATA document types. Also, for each document type, a document line type must be mapped with the possible options allowed by myDATA.
  3. A third "myDATA" tab has been added to the invoice window. Through this tab one can:
    1. Send this individual document to myDATA for the first time.
    2. To see on the spot the unique U.RE.N (Unique Registration Number) and UID assigned by myDATA to this document.
    3. To see the upload history of the document in myDATA and any errors that occurred.
    4. Re-send the document to myDATA to the extent permitted.
  4. In the Reports there is a special group myDATA with various reports regarding the historicity of sending documents to A.A.D.E.
  5. In Tools there is a possibility of sending documents in bulk to myDATA.

Activation Steps

Obtaining myDATA Login Codes

The myDATA login codes must be obtained first, and depending on their use, the corresponding steps must be performed.

Productive Environment

In case of using the normal environment (true data), the user must do the following:

  1. Go here and click on the "Login to Application" button at the bottom of the page.
  2. The new page that will appear must be entered with the company's Taxisnet codes.
  3. Next, the user has to click on "Register to myDATA REST API" located at the bottom left of the screen.
  4. At the bottom of the new page that will appear, the user must click on "New user registration".
  5. In the small window that will appear you must fill in a username, a password (2 times) and an e-mail.
  6. If all goes well, a user dashboard should appear at the bottom of the screen. This table contains the API code and username which you must use below in hoteliga.
  7. The A.A.D.E. will also send a confirmation e-mail for the creation of the new user, so you should not miss the opening of this e-mail and clicking on the confirmation link.

Test Environment

When using the test environment, the user must do the following:

  1. Go to the developers page here
  2. Then you have to click on the "Register User" button.
  3. In the new page that will load, you must fill in the required information and click on the "Register" button.
  4. If all goes well, the "Login Key" (API Code) should appear at the bottom of the screen, which in combination with the username will be used later in the hoteliga.

Enable myDATA Functionality

Activate myDATA from the Options menu ⇒ Settings⇒ Options ⇒ Invoicing Options ⇒ Enable myDATA. You will then need to save this option. Once myDATA is enabled in hoteliga through the system settings, it can not be disabled later. This is to prevent the system from losing settings by accidentally deactivating myDATA after pre-activating it and requiring the relevant configuration.

Creation of Company and Branches

In the tools section (Options⇒Tools) there is a special section entitled "myDATA". In this section, the admin must create at least one company and branches for each company. The concept "Company" did not exist in hoteliga until now, but it was deemed necessary, as sending the TIN and passwords are now required in myDATA. In hoteliga PMS it is possible to have multiple companies and multiple branches in each company. In branches, you need to create at least one for each company. For the headquarters use the code "0".

About the recipients of the documents:

To send documents to myDATA you will need the TIN, the city, the postal code and the country of the recipient of the document. Also, in the customer window (in the billing details), the branch code is displayed, a field that is optional when creating a customer. The same field can be seen through the reservation window, through the "Customer" tab. If this field is left blank in hoteliga, then when sending a document to which this customer will be the recipient, the value "0" will be sent to myDATA, as myDATA requires a value for this field. The value "0" corresponds to the headquarters of the recipient.

Invoicing settings in hoteliga

The steps to follow in order to prepare your hoteliga account for myDATA are as follows:

  1. The Counters through the menu Options ⇒ Settings ⇒ Invoicing ⇒ Counters should be adjusted based on the new fields that have been added. Specifically, for all series/ counters that are active:
    1. The field "Series" must be filled in with some letters so that the series and the invoice number are distinct, as required by A.A.D.E. In case you already have a character in the "Format" field that is essentially the series, new counters should be used for 2021, and the old/ problematic ones should be turned off.
    2. In the field "Type" a document type should be set and the “Invoice item type” should be linked to what item will be invoiced in this counter, i.e. goods, services or both.
    3. In the "Branch" field, a branch/headquarters should be set based on the companies and branches defined in the previous step.
  2. In the Extra Charges, if you use them, you must specify for all active registrations the type of the registration, i.e. define whether it is a good or a service. For example, a soft drink is considered to be a good, while an airport transfer is a service.
  3. In Templates, in the official documents (i.e. receipts for the provision of services, invoices for the provision of services, etc.), the field “Series” (completed in the previous step) should be added before the invoice number or in another place on the document. This field is
    {{ series }}

MyDATA mappings in hoteliga

Map the types and lines of documents issued by hoteliga with the appropriate types supported by myDATA. Navigate to the mappings from the Options ⇒ Tools ⇒ myData ⇒ myDATA accounting doc. mappings


There are the following restrictions:

  1. With myDATA functionality enabled, it is not possible to delete documents from the system.
  2. The system will not send to myDATA types of documents that are not meant to be used in a tourist accommodation.
  3. All documents must have a clear document order because it is required in myDATA.
  4. The system only sends revenue receipts to myDATA and not expense receipts.