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Housekeeping is a tool used to keep the cleaning of the hotel well-organized, efficient and manageable.

It allows the scheduling of the general housekeeping plans or setting specific tasks that should be applied on certain cases. Monitoring them using the calendars is an additional plus.

A housekeeping schedule can be organized following the directions below.

Setting housekeeping plans

If there are housekeeping plans that are applicable to every reservation, they can be registered following the directions below:

optionssettingshousekeeping plansnew housekeeping plan

Hk new plan.png Hk new plan 2.png

1. Title: name of the cleaning plan.

2. Description: description of the task that the housekeeping staff should perform.

3. Enabled: by activating this option the system generates automatically the respective tasks. If a plan is not valid any more and deletion is not desired, it can be deactivated by leaving the box blank. In this case, the plan can be activated again whenever it is needed.

4. Type: this option is related to the options no. 5-6-7. "Complete cleaning" is used for the housekeeping plans applied before the check in or after the check out, while "partial" is used for all the other tasks.

5. Check in: it must be marked for the plans that are applied before customer's check in.

6. Check out: it must be marked for the plans that are applied after customer's check out.

7. Interval: this selection sets the frequency of the cleaning plan. e.g. replacing of the towels every 2 days.

Important note: Οnly ΟΝΕ of the options check in, check out and Interval should be enabled.

8. Ok: for saving the registration.

View housekeeping tasks

A list of the housekeeping tasks is available at : optionstoolshousekeepinghousekeeping tasks.

Every housekeeping plan generates automatically housekeeping tasks that are available in this list. Through this, monitoring the tasks or editing them is very easy.

The manual addition of a housekeeping task is also possible, following the steps of the next section ( Creating or editing a task).

Hk tasks list.png

1. New housekeeping task: clicking on this a new task can be registered.

2. Show filter: searching with specific criteria is possible by clicking on this button.

3. Any existing housekeeping task can be edited by clicking on the respective row.

Creating or editing a task

" How to create a task: " by following the steps options⇒ tools⇒ housekeeping⇒ housekeeping tasks⇒ new housekeeping task.

" How to edit a task: " by clicking on the row of the required task in the housekeeping tasks list.

In both cases, a form like the following one is available for editing.

Hk new task.png

1. Date: the date of the task should be defined.

2. Room: the room name can be selected from the drop down list.

3. Res. id: the reservation id should be added here.

4. Housekeeping plan: if the task is related to a housekeeping plan, this should be chosen from the drop down list.

5. Status: it can be selected among the available: "not started", "in progress", "finished".

6. Notes: any additional note should be mentioned here.

Mass creation of tasks

This option is useful in case that a new rule must be applied to existing reservations.

By following the steps optionstoolsMass creation of tasksYes, the system creates automatically all the missing housekeeping tasks for the existing reservations (confirmed or checked-in) based on the housekeeping plans.

Hk mass tasks.gif

After this move, the list of the housekeeping tasks must have been updated accordingly.

Housekeeping tasks (mobile)

This tool allows another user to access the housekeeping tasks using a smartphone or a tablet.

In case that an extra user is not available but is required for this case, it can be provided on extra charge (contact for further details)

Mobile view

OptionsToolsHousekeeping tasks (Mobile)

Hk tasks mobile view1.gif

As shown above, this view includes the daily tasks in a very simple format. The tasks are shown depending on the date. The date can be selected by clicking on the arrows (3 & 4). Also, using the filters at the top of the page (1 & 2) the view is adjusted accordingly.

Each task is marked with a color. Each color is related to the clean status of the room. When a room is not clean the line is red. When the housekeeping staff starts cleaning, the user should click on the line (5) and it turns to orange. When the cleaning is over, the user should click again on the line and it turns to green. Now the room is clean!

Valuable notes that helps prioritizing the tasks (6) can be available. These are appeared in the last column. They either come from the reservation notes or the housekeeping task notes. Automatically generated alerts may also appear at this column. E.g. if the room needs cleaning and an arrival is scheduled for the same date, this sign Alert.png will be appeared to inform the housekeeping staff that this room should be cleaned with priority. By clicking on this sign, further details will be presented.

Adding new user

A new user for the housekeeping staff can be added by following the steps below:

OptionsSettingsUsersNew user

User new form1.gifUser new form 3.gif

1. User name: this name will be displayed as user's name.

2. Enabled: it activates the user.

3. Blocked: if it is checked the user is blocked, if it is blank the user is unblocked.

4. New password: the password of the account.

5. Confirm new password: confirmation of the password.

6. Language: this will be the language of the user's environment.

7. Role: for this case "housekeeping staff" should be selected.

8. Permissions: by default, the permissions of the "housekeeping staff" are removed as shown in the picture. If a permission is needed, then it should be checked here.

9. ok: it saves the registration.

Calendar & housekeeping tasks

The clean status of each room can be shown in the calendar, if the option "Monitor housekeeping activities" is activated.

It can be activated at optionssettingsbasic data. By checking the box, the option gets enabled.

Hk monitor activities.png

After this action, a thumbnail next to each room name is appeared in the calendar that represents the clean status. The thumbnails are categorized as shown below:

Hk clean status.png Hk full clean status 2.png Hk partial clean status 2.png Hk full clean status.png Hk partial clean status.png

By clicking on the room name, a window opens and the clean status can be set manually by selecting the respective option of the "Housekeeping" tab. In this tab, the cleaning history is also available next to "last cleanings".

Cal hk room status1.gif

Every update of the clean status by the user of a mobile device, is automatically updated in the calendar as well.

Housekeeping reports

There are several reports related to the housekeeping tasks in the respective part of the reports section:

options⇒ reports⇒ housekeeping

*35 Housekeeping activity: Depending on the selected dates the report includes the status of the housekeeping plan considering the room.

*018 Housekeeping tasks for period: Depending on the selected dates the report includes the tasks per day and room according to the housekeeping plans. Reservation and housekeeping notes are also included.

*36 Housekeeping tasks per room for period: Depending on the selected dates the report includes the tasks per day and room. Reservation and housekeeping notes are also included.

*37 Housekeeping tasks per room group for period: Depending on the selected dates the report includes the tasks per day and room group. Reservation and housekeeping notes are also included.

*34 Rooms cleanliness status: includes the daily status of the rooms. Last cleanings are also available.

*83 Rooms cleanliness status by occupancy: includes the status of the rooms based on their occupancy.