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The cleaning fees funcionality allows you to charge this type of fees for every reservation automatically during invoicing.

These fees can also appear in the hoteliga booking engine in the results page and the checkout page.

It is a feature that is especially useful for apartment owners, where typically there is always charges for cleaning fees.


Setting up Cleaning Fees per Room Type (Apartment)

To begin with setting up cleaning fees, go to Settings⇒Room Types.

In the list of Room Types you can already see which room type (apartment) has already cleaning fees, and if so, what is the fee for each of them.

As you can see, there can be different cleaning fees per room type (apartment), or no cleaning fees at all (usually this is the case for hotel room types).

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Click on the room type (apartment) for which you want to set or change the cleaning fees.

In the room type dialog, scroll to the bottom. Set the new cleaning fees in the property's currency and click on Save.

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Selecting Tax Rate for Cleaning Fees

The next step is to select what tax rate will be applied to the cleaning fees. Go to Settings⇒Reservation Options.

From there, select which tax rate will be applied to the cleaning fees. If you don't see any tax rates, please make sure you have already created some taxes in the system.

After selecting a tax rate, click on Save.

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Enabling Cleaning Fees for a Price List

The next thing to do, is to decide on which price list cleaning fees will be applied. Go to Settings⇒Price Lists.